October 23, 2010


Francois Knorreck, of Saint-Etienne, France, is a
master motorcycle designer who works as a hospital technician by day.

M. Knorreck invested 10,000 hours, 10 years & 15000 Euros to create
SNAEFELL, named after the Iceland Volcano. The SNAEFELL sidecar is
powered by a triple-engine 1000cc Laverda engine on a car chassis made
of parts from a Volkswagen GTI, an Audio 80 and taillights from a Citroen Xantia. The headlight is from a Kawasaki 1000RX bike.

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The SNAEFELL is signed with the Francois Knorreck logo, a reversed F in a K. 
Among many creations, M. Knorreck built The Amphibian Motorcycle (on a Yamaha base) and used it to cross the Loire river.