October 19, 2010


Farmers and shopkeepers in Nottinghamshire, the Dunhill family moved to London to establish a linen drapers business in Oxford Street. Capitalizing on the number of horses in London, they soon branched out, and built up a successful harness business on Euston Road that also sold accessories for gentlemen including pipes and tobacco.

 In 1893,  innovative Alfred Dunhill, 21, took over his father’s saddlery business. It was the dawn of the motorcar era, and Alfred zeroed in on the opportunity, converting the horse carriage accessories shop into Dunhill’s Motorities, providing ‘Everything for the car but the motor’. This first collection included car horns and lamps, leather overcoats, goggles, picnic sets and timepieces.

In 1915, Alfred Dunhill's Motorities patented and began manufacturing a triangular form of motorcycle sidecar chassis, catering to the gentleman motorcyclist. Dunhill created superior quality products from home furnishings to jewelry, timepieces, pens and more. The company pays tribute to Alfred Dunhill's sidecar with its Sidecar Pen and Leather Goods collection. The collection's torpedo design is homage to Alfred's sidecar design.

The company is currently owned by Richemont.