January 22, 2011


The Progressive International Motorcycle Show came to New York's Jacob Javits Center this weekend and provided a great opportunity to check out the latest from Suzuki, Kawasaki, Triumph, Royal Enfield, Harley, Victory and much more.

Check the link to see if the show is coming to a city near you:

We, of course, were drawn to the URAL booth. According to Ural, "We are Irbit MotorWorks of America, Inc. The official affiliate of the Irbit MotorWorks Factory in Irbit, Russia. As such, we are the direct importer and distributor for the Ural sidecar motorcycle in the United States. We are a small, but dedicated team, made up of both American and Russian men and women who each contribute to our story in his and her own capacity."
The Gear-Up
Want to stand out in a crowd and be able to 
disappear in the woods or desert? 
Try the Ural Gear-Up.
Just like its cousin, the Patrol, with its on-demand 
sidecar drive, Gear-Up's origins trace back to the military
past of the Ural motorcycle family.
According to the 

company, "The Gear-Up combination is as
tough as a Russian AK-47!"
Despite its clearly military upbringing, 
the Gear-Up is equally fit for more peaceful missions, 
ability to blaze through mud, sand and snow.
Available in camo paint scheme.

Forest Camo Gear Up: $13,799
Gobi Desert Camo Gear Up: $13,949

The Patrol 
Despite the fun popsicle shade of orange, The 
Patrol can travel snow-covered 
roads like no other tough guy.

In a class by itself, the Patrol is the only motorcycle 
in the 
world manufactured with an 
on-demand sidecar drive.  
This street legal ATV gives you the ability to 
switch between single-wheel drive and the 
unbelievable traction
of dual-wheel drive with the flip of a lever!
MSRP: $13, 199 (excludes taxes, registration, etc.)

The Taiga

Named after the world's largest northern 
most forest frontier,
The Taiga, 
is in Larch Green and the MSRP is $13,999.